It Changes Everything

To turn right means that life goes on: birth, school, work, love, family, death...To Turn Left changes everything

Sometimes, you don't get a choice. It's your time and you have to choose, life or death, left or right. You have to make a choice, and once you make your decision, there's no going back.

For Evelyn Farley, the time came on her sweet sixteenth and, unconsciously, she chose left. Now she is thrust into the world of monsters and slayers with no hope of turning back. Questions she never thought to ask are slamming back into her.

But, in the end, it all comes back to one thing. Did she make the right decision? Or did she make a huge mistake

Inkpop: .piXie.
Every now and then I find a really interesting story from an potential writer on that leaves me happy to know that some teens have some amazing talent! I like showcasing this talent when I can and give these individuals a chance to be discovered or know that some day they could be the next big thing. Not only is the cover amazing, but on her page she even mentions how Jackson Pearce has picked this novel to be featured as a handpicked piece as well! This young girl must certainly have talent if a big name author is impressed by the story!