Now that I've got your attention in a ridiculous title (I apologize!), it's time to explain it.

Well my focus hasn't been on reading in a long time. As you can tell from this blog and my Goodreads account. It's been re-shifted to another focus that was always a hobby: Makeup. Not just any, Special FX! If anyone watches "FaceOff" from SyFy, then you get SFX in what I'm saying. I'm truly a horror enthusiast that even though I don't look it, I bleed gore and guts.

Now I'm not disappearing from this blog forever, but I'm changing the way it is with not just book blogging. I'm looking to also share my passion, the thing that I finally found that makes me beyond happy and want to do everyday of my life if I could: SFX. This means you'll see every now and then a post dedicated to the it. But book posts will always trump SFX.

Anyway... I still love to read and still love to blog, so I still love book blogging. On another note, the 16th of this month (Wednesday), is my 27th birthday!

To end this post, I'm hoping all my Jewish readers are having or had an amazing Passover and my non-Jewish readers have a wonderful Easter! Keep reading everyone!