So I recently just upgraded (finally! lol) to a new phone. The iPhone 4S in white! Now after a week of using it, I've come to realize what applications I really adore. These are my top 10 apps I use all the time. Also 9 out of the 10 apps are FREE!
1. Facebook: Who doesn't use this app!? It's probably on everyone's phone and their mother's as well.

2. Instagram: Since day one I've been using this app just to document my life left and right. I'm also a geek when it comes to photo editing, so it was thrilling to add my own little touches to each and every photo I shared.

3. Swackett: Even before my iPhone, I was using this app on my MackBook desktop. Its a weather app! Its really cool and you can either get the free version or the paid one. But it has so many amazing features for one little app that you won't look at weather the same anymore.

4. Everyme: It's a social networking app, but it's a lot more private. You can choose to share information with people by putting them into circles (kind of like Google+) and they can comment on what you share with them. The people you add? They don't even have to have a smart phone to comment! Just a cell number and the ability to text back without hassle. Also the easiest way to share life's wonderful moments without even having to broadcast it on FB!

5. Timehop: I LOVE this app! It collects information from Facebook since the day I've started using it (October 2005!) and lets me see on that exact same day what I posted on my page! Whether it be pictures, status update, etc... it lets me know what was going on. How cool is that? And you can even share it if it's something that you really fancy.

6. Cuptakes: It costs $0.99, but it's worth it! It has some of the coolest and most visually pretty backgrounds for your screen! Whether you want to get a different shelf for your apps or for your lock screen or both, it has many to choose from!

7. Foursquare: The ultimate app for letting friends/family know where you are. The more places you check-in that are a certain categories (ie - diners, movie theaters, bars, etc..) the more badges and level of badges you get! Also you can then be mayor of that place and also some local places offer coupons, discounts, or rewards to their loyal customers that always check-in to the place! This is great if you are a college student eating on a budget.

8. Spotify: The top app for music. Stream your favorite artists/bands at the drop of a hat (virtual or not!). This also lets you create playlists and more! Also you can add friends from FB who use the app and see what music they are listening to as well. You can also share music to listen to together through the phone or online! Great way to do this if you live far away from someone you love.

9. Words with Friends: I'm more of a Scrabble person, but this game is almost identical to the Hasbro version. Almost all my friends and family on are on this and its fun to see who has a knack for spelling. Also great to use when you are bored and have nothing to do! Also check out SongPop if you are a fan of music and are really good at identifying bands/artists easily!

10. Path: Sort of like Everyme, but just as cool! You can share what song, movie, book you are reading, you can check-in to places you are located at, you can let people know what time you are going to bed and what time you woke up, you can share pictures, updates of your life, when you've arrived at the airport, etc... it's full of possibilities. Now the only issue is that some people have left complaining comments on the iTunes app's page, due to access to their information like contacts, pictures, and location without permission. But they have fixed that.

So readers, what apps do you need 24/7 on your phone? Does it make life easier or more fun? What app have you found out about that you want to share with your friends? Voice your thought below with the rest of the readers!
A weekly meme by Ginger of GReads!, but until further notice you can find it over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands. In the meme I'll talk about music and showcase it here each week. And this week, I'm going to talk about... music that has caught my attention!
I'm really digging AWOLNATION's, "Kill Your Heroes" and Passion Pits, "Take a Walk". These two songs are awesome! The lyrics alone really are different and I love the beat that is paired with the songs. For instance, I'm digging how the chorus sounds when it chimes in from each verse. It has a good flow to it.

So readers, what song(s) have grabbed your attention lately? Is it a new hit on the radio? Is it something that you came across while searching through iTunes? Did you stumble upon it on Youtube? Voice it below and share it with other readers. Who knows, your new favorite song could wind up inspiring someone to love it too!