"Welcome to James Gurney's fantastic lost world of Dinotopia, where humans and intelligent dinosaurs have lived together in harmony for centuries, undiscovered by the rest of the world. Now these New York Times bestselling books are available from HarperCollins. The Dinotopia books are a celebration of the imagination for readers of all ages. In 1862, biologist Arthur Denison and his young son Will are washed up on the shore of an uncharted island, where they discover humans and an ancient race of dinosaurs sharing a civilization of wonder and adventure." - Amazon
Title: Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time
Author: James Gurney
Publisher: Turner Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: September 1992
Originally Read: 1992 - 1998
Format: Hardcover (1st Edition)
Pages: 159
Genre: Children's
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Where to Buy: Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository

Before I get into the review itself, I wanted to share with you readers how amazing the artwork is in this book! I've had it for almost 20 years and still I'm captivated by it every time. I personally took these pictures of the book with my camera. It's hard to find the pictures online, so I figured why not just take them myself and let everyone see why this is a book that kids should read!

So now onto the book itself...

I've always loved reading, looking, staring at this book for years. I'm sad that the cover ripped and that there are stains on the book front cover as well (I was a kid! lol so sue me!), but the book itself has held up inside almost perfectly.

Anyway, the story itself is truly timeless in many ways. Discovering the world alone for the characters was interesting. There is so much more than meets the eye when reading more than once. I've learned about many things that maybe weren't in the made for tv movie they did about 9-10 years ago on ABC.

This is one of those type of books that I think it just great to collect and have in general as well. The cover art alone would make people go "oOoOo" and "Ahhhh" very easily because of the details.

All in all, this is just one of those books that is good to own. There is so much that I could say, but it'll mostly be about the art work that the story lol
**Mini Reviews are books I've read, but may have read long ago or something along those lines in regards to books. This is a way to share my thoughts about it without creating a novel of an explanation. Just a nutshell point of view of the book itself.**