So I've been Über busy and blogging has been on the back burner these last few months. I really don't like that it has been, but there is nothing that I can really do about it. Am I leaving the blogosphere for good? No! I am however going to get back to it as soon as I can.

So where have I been all this time? Well, I met someone new and we've been spending so much time together that I'm forgetting about the real world every now and then.

Beyond that? A lot of tragedy and comedy. I had to put my Uncle to rest in October, the exact same weekend I started dating the new boyfriend. Then I had to help say goodbye and bury my boyfriend's best friend last week and that was a hard time. We buried him the day of the Sandy Hook school shooting, so needless to say it was just a whirlwind of emotions.

As of right now, I'm just trying to get focused back on the good in life, which for me includes books, blogging, friends, family, and my wonderful new boyfriend!

I'm hoping everyone is having a safe and festive time right now and keep on reading :)