If you haven't been keeping up with the latest issues of our "government", than you may be in for a shocker. In about a few days, not sure of the exact day, but our freedom of speech online will soon be not only filtered, but silenced in many ways. How did this get to a point like this? The republican party won a bill that is called NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act of 2012). Well for more information on how insane it's all about to get, read the rest o this article below:
NDAA Set To Become Law: The Terror Is Nearer Than Ever

American Democracy: 1776-2011.

It turns out that destroying the American democratic republic was easy to accomplish, historians will write someday. Simply get the three major cable news networks to blather on about useless bull**** for a few days, while legislators meet in secret behind closed doors to rush through the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), and its evil twin sister, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which is a clever name for an Internet censorship bill straight out of an Orwellian nightmare.

Sure, some independent media web sites and Jon Stewart warned us about this. Ron Paul & Son warned us about this. Amnesty International and the ACLU have been screaming from the rooftops, crying bloody murder. But the American people let it happen, because the vast majority of us simply didn't find out in time.

And now President Obama's advisers are saying he is withdrawing his veto threat against NDAA, so it will become law.

As will SOPA, since it is becoming ever more apparent that our "elected officials" in Congress are not satisfied with their 9% approval rating. They want a 0% approval rating.

I have no idea why Congress is pushing through anti-American legislation that is not only incompetent, but openly belligerent.

I have no idea why an American media blackout on NDAA is still in effect -- Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Bill O'Reilly and the other broadcast "journalists" have been disgustingly silent on what is undoubtedly the most important news story of the past decade. The single most important news story since September 11th, 2001.

Combined, NDAA and SOPA simply destroy American democracy. That isn't hype. That isn't exaggeration. Within a few days, your freedom of speech will be gone -- post something controversial online, and the government can legally "disappear" it.

Annoy the government too much, or criticize Congress' infinite wisdom and mercy, and you may find yourself in military prison for the remainder of your life, without access to a trial or attorney. Even if you're an American citizen on US soil.

This is a brave new world. Watch what you say. Be mindful of who you associate with. You may criticize your government within the privacy of your own home, amongst close family or friends, but do not post negative comments online. Do not assemble. Do not protest. Do not agitate. Do not give "comfort" to the "enemy."

This is a sad day for all of us. All of our military spending, all of our fortresses and moats, and it turns out democracy was attacked from within, the historians will write someday. We didn't even see it coming. http://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-set-to-become-law-the-terror-is-nearer-than-ever-2011-12

Now these are the kind of things you find in a communist country or even China. They monitor the internet being used in such countries with people HIRED to watch every single computer that goes online. This is the kind of thing I feared for our own country and it's coming true.

Our free speech to say what we want, even about our our government, will be silenced forever. This isn't want our country was found upon and our original constitution.

Times are changing, but to the point that we are literally becoming out own Dystopian novel! The thing you know, everyone will be required to have chips in their body to regulate our dreams, thoughts, even what we have to say... this is the stuff that science fiction is made of.