Don't get me wrong, I love them, but ever wonder what some of them would be like in real life with or without the "magic' elements?

For myself, I don't have to too much. I've actually have dated a 'Jace Wayland' or an 'Adam Kent'. I've even dated my version of an 'Edward Cullen' (minus the vampire nature). Those tall, handsome guys who brood, are romantic, even make your heart do the jump, jive, and wail lol but may actually be a complete contradiction to what the book may make those type of guys up to be verse what is found in real life.

And it had me thinking, some of these guys in real life wouldn't be all that great, minus being nice on the eyes. They would actually be those overly confident cocky guys who gets one too many girls or the guy who hangs out with the VERY wrong crowd or was popular in high school because of a sports team or something along those lines who feels entitled to anything and everything. This is due to the way the boys are physically described that have lined up with real world guys that don't add up.

The sad part is and I hate bursting the bubble, but guys like 'Edward' or anyone similar in real life is considered very dangerous. I think the appeal of the brooding bad boy is an infamous thing (i.e. - Angel or 'Spike' from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is a big example).  We crave that kind of guy who can make us live on the edge, but in real life some of those type of guys are the ones that you hear the horror stories about all the time. The cautionary tale if you may.

I guess this is more of a warning post to any younger readers that dream too much of a book version of the guy in the story. I say look for the good parts of these type of guys, because some of the qualities are good. But always keep a checklist of the "red flags" of those dangerous parts in the back of your mind.

Guess in reality, I'll still enjoy the books, who wouldn't? But I always try to keep myself aware that what may be in the books could be a false sense of reality with guys like that in real life. Than again it's always good to dream anyway...

So what are your thoughts on fantasy vs. reality from YA love stories:

Do you think some writers go too overboard and build up this character that is too out of reach?

Do you think some don't do certain characters justice?

Or should there be a more realistic version of the characters like real life?