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"All I Ever Wanted" by Lily Frost
(TV Show: "Being Erica" Opening Theme Song)

*no video on youtube will let it be viewable on Blogger. I apologize, but EMI just won't let it be viewable. You'll have to go to the youtube page to view it.*
Alrighty, if you haven't seen this show you are clearly missing out on something amazing! It's about a woman in her early 30's who has reached rock bottom: no job, living at home with her parents, and feels like giving up on every getting her dreams to become a reality. Till that is she meets a guy named Dr. Tom. He gives her a card and suddenly she goes through an interesting type of therapy: she gets to go back in time and relieve everything and FIX IT the way she wants it to be instead! But there is a catch: she is also to learn something too to help her grow and become wiser. And below is the promo trailer for the pilot episode. This can help maybe let you know what it's about a little better.
It originally aired on the CBC and then SoapNet took over and aired it on their network. One of the main network companies wants to take it and make it more "american'. I say to hell with that idea haha, it's already amazing! From the quotes Dr. Tom uses in almost every episode, to the music of another generation, and the storylines, they should just get the copy rights to air the originals.