A weekly meme by Ginger of GReads! In the meme I'll talk about music and showcase it here each week.

And this week I'll be talking about a band named 'SafetySuit'. Let's start from the beginning… The first time I heard of SafetySuit was 2008. iTunes had done a promotional single of the song "What If" on the application main page and I had downloaded the free song, never really thinking about it, but I did listen to it and it was good. I didn't forget it, but it did "move" me in a way that I know a band will be the next big thing kind of feeling...
Later on towards the fall of 2009, I was searching Youtube for fanvids of some of my favorite couples of movies and tv shows. Some had done an Alice/Hatter video and had a song by this band. I never heard of the band before that day.
From there I fell in love with the song, 'Anywhere But Here', it was amazing! I had to see other versions of this couple and the song. It swept me away with the sincerity of the voice and the eloquence of the poetry from the lyrics. I was also wrapped up in the SyFy movie "Alice" so any fan video of the show was on my radar.

Anyway, then I started looking for other videos of favorite shows that had this band. Then I found a fan made video of one of my all time favorite characters.
There was this underground love for the band with the use of the fan videos that besides 'Trading Yesterday' and 'Thriving Ivory', it was the main band to use for expressing the mood for the video.