A daily meme for the month of October originally created here. The topic is about anything related to halloween. This includes books, movies, television, scary places, and anything else spooky!

(I've been backed up with some reading, vacation time, and work for my english papers. But I'm making up for it! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the next couple of blog postings!)

Store: Walmart
Department: Juniors
Brand: Walmart
Year: 2011
Price: $8.00
Color:Royal Purple

So I bought this shirt a week before October when I was doing some couponing with mom at a few stores. They had a HUGE selection of shirts out for babies, toddlers, girls, teens, and mothers! They had some creepy designs, some cute, and some really cool ones. I couldn't resist for the price it cost and how cool the design was! I'm a sucker for halloween clothing haha. I'm hoping to go back soon and keeping my fingers crossed to find another shirt in my size available to wear the week of Halloween!

This is also a great idea for those that don't want to over do their look for Halloween or are just going trick-r-treating with the kids or their little siblings. It's also inexpensive compared to most costumes too! (I saw the cheapest costume listed, as clearance, $17.99! And it was one of those tacky not so well put together girl scout ones for women.)

Anyway, Walmart and Michael's Craft Store have some of the BEST seasonal items out to purchase. I think this is the first time I've ever seen my local Walmart backed to the 9's with everything you could get, even $0.99 spiders! Oh and they came in bright orange, neon green, hot purple, and black; they all were glitter spiders too! Nice size ones that fit into the palm of your hands! Well actually they take up most of the palm of my hand lol

Anywoo, if anyone is looking for some great ways to save on halloween candy, if you've never tried the websites, then you need to look at (depending on where you live):

Oh and I LOVE 'Savings Star', because it is a way to put eCoupons on your stores cards that you shop at all the time (i.e. - Grocery Stores). I use it on my ShopRite Price Chopper, CVS, and other store. I have it set on cards for myself, my boyfriend, and both my parents. I've saved probably more then $500 this year alone doing that and more! I've even got a small stock pile of shampoo/condition in a basket in a closet by our laundry room haha. You sure can't beat 'buy one, get one free' or 'Save $1 on 2 items that cost $1.50 or $1.00'... it's like hitting the lottery but better!

Anyway, enough about my savings! Maybe another blog post I'll share some lingo and other fun things for you guys on saving a few extra $$ before the holidays :)
Back to the original topic...

There is also other things you can find at Walmart. They have a bunch of Halloween assortment of books too! Their website has it all set up and I'm excited to check that out in person later this week.