So if you've been reading the news or been on facebook, you probably heard of 'Pottermore' by now. It's an interactive social networking type of site dedicated to the books. It's not like facebook, it's more of a 2-D  pop-up looking world.

Here is the main picture they have on the page, but it also has banners and such since it's not open up to the public yet. Unless.... you got in early to test out the beta, then you get to see it before October.

For myself, I got in on day #6! It was a 7 day event to find a magic quill, answer a trivia question and register to get into the website.

This is my first email I've gotten telling me that I'm officially accepted into the early testing! Now everyone is waiting, who received an email like the one above, to literally enter into the world on their computer.

Some teens and young adults are very impatient right now for this. I think the on thing they have forgotten or don't realize is that London is not doing well. That's where the SONY branch is that collaborated with J.K. Rowling on this project. It has been hell with the riots and company had to probably close doors for a few days because of this. Also it's in beta stage, so it's going to have a few kinks, which is why they needed testers (ie - myself and others who got in early).

In due time, after I've gotten in, I'll post a few pictures of what it looks like on the inside of Pottermore. Till then it's against the law in the fine print of the website to post anything that isn't on the main page of the website. So it's very hush, hush to the public (minus a few leaks here and there).

So till then, we all have to just wait *sigh*...