I was born for him. He was born to kill.
Everybody was different for a reason, but I never would have guessed that my reason was him.

As the princess of Lumaria I was always expected to act as such, but not even the heavy fabric of the fancy gowns and the excessive sparkle of the expensive jewels could hide the fact that I looked nothing like a Lumarian. Where people of the kingdom normally had light hair, light eyes, and light skin, I had dark everything. With hair blacker than night, eyes the color of mud, and cinnamon-tinted skin, I was labeled an abomination—a freak—and for that reason, I had always been a prisoner in my own castle, kept behind indestructible walls.

Or so they seemed.

One day my walls came crashing down—literally. Our castle was attacked by an army from Vittoris, a kingdom known for its prowess in war, and I knew that we could not win. Led by its vampire prince and his friends, the Vittorialites infiltrated our city. I was sure that death was the only option, so when they demanded only one thing in return for their mercy, I was all-too willing to hear what it was.

I never would have guessed that the answer would be me.

So, by some cruel twist of Fate, my captor became my liberator, and by the same cruel twist of Fate, my liberator became my captor. Obviously, Fate had an odd sense of humor.

And that is where this story begins
It is currently one of the top YA fiction pieces at inkpop.com and is all about fantasy and intrigue of a world that is set in royal times. It surely is one to check out this August. And since it is an inkpop.com piece, it is regularly updated with new chapters by the writer. So check back in to their page every so often to get more of the story and what happens to our leading lady.