“You asked me not to judge you by your past. The truth is I judge you more by my own.”

After Katie witnesses her mother's tragic murder, she is uprooted from her life in upstate New York and forced to live with an estranged aunt. When she arrives in Seaside Heights, NewJersey, she meets Joseph Bruglia, a boy whose sordid past leaves him uncomfortably wedged between the mistakes that haunt him and his new-found religion. When they first meet it isn't necessarily love at first sight. Through trial and error, they learn to see the beauty in each other. However, it will take harsh reality and divine intervention before they can see the beauty within themselves. inkpop.com

This novel in progress looks promising. The writer has surely set herself up to write a beautiful story. I have yet to read it but I figured since it looks so good, I had to share it with the rest of my blog readers.