Hello Readers! If any of you have noticed the lack of posts lately it is due to my computer having not only crashing but it also was wiped out by the notorius 2012 MacKeeper virus. The virus comes in the form of a pop-up window on Apple computers and silently infects the entire drive. It brings up the entire "private" drive that is hidden, which is reponsible to keep your entire Mac running. Well after it happened needless to say I'm now typing on my cell phone which is a basic phone. Sadly I do not own a tablet nor have 24/7 acess to a computer. So I'm currently writing by hand my book reviews till my computer gets fixed or I invest in a new MacBook Pro. For now I leave this post to let you all know I haven't disappeared, just currently without a computer. And don't worry I'll be making sure to find a way to keep everyone updated on BEA