Here are some mazing new reads from of aspiring young authors. There are some fantasy, mystery, romance, even some paranormal reads available. Books like "Carrier of the Mark" and "Sweet Evil" have both been discovered on this website! So maybe the next book you read inkpop, could be the next big read in the young adult market!

The truth is, she never had a choice.

Abandoned on the streets of London, Deirdra’s constantly in and out of orphanages. At age fifteen she finds herself in the last place she expects—an exclusive boarding school in Ireland. And if that wasn’t enough, the headmaster’s daughter shows her a possible lead to the mystery that surrounds her abilities.

Things aren’t always as they seem, and the mystery regarding her powers goes deeper into history—and into the future—than she thought. Clues start to seemingly unearth themselves and all signs point to India, where strange happenings have been going on in the shadows of night. And Deirdra’s mother suddenly starts to become less of a fantasy figure and more of a reality.

Deirdra finds herself stuck between what she thinks is right, and what other people want her to do.

The game’s afoot and she is destined to meet some rather unlikely allies as she uncovers the truth about her powers. But does she really want to know the truth, or will curiosity kill this cat? - inkpop

Even Heaven lies.

Gabriella Long is stuck in the small, backwater town of Claideamh. Her only chance of escape is college next year. Enter James De Le Mare, the charismatic new kid with his heart-melting quotations. Exam year is never easy, and James' frequent unexplained disappearances certainly aren't helping. As the pair grows closer, Gabriella begins to suspect that James is withholding information from her about his past.

In search of answers, Gabriella vows to confront De Le Mare once and for all. Little does she realize an ancient world awaits her just beyond the truth. In a place where angels fail, demons rise and a sacred symbol threatens to ruin them all, how can one mere mortal possibly compete? Will Gabriella’s attempts to find answers from the gods protect or destroy her? Is James hiding more than he appears?

After all, secrets are just honey-coated lies. - inkpop

Life is never simple. It's never easy.

And before you know it...

It's over.

Imagine. Imagine being young and carefree. Imagine your childhood. The one you so dearly adored.

Now imagine that of a young girl's, born and bred in the filthy slums of Pakistan. A girl who has lived through the overwhelming intensity of poverty and its morbid obscenity yet she survives, with a loving family at her side. She learns that happiness can exist regardless of the extent one’s wealth, as long as you are with the ones you love. Thus was born the reason of her life and her only sustenance. But, when death steals away the family that she so dearly loves, what is left for her?

Nothing but an ordinary yet strangely expensive family heirloom.

In a web of lies, deceit and turmoil, Isra discovers that the heirloom— a beautiful red amulet— is not the ordinary object that she previously believed it to be. It is a portal, containing the ability to travel to and from the Inbetween— the land between the Heavens and the Earth. For generations, there have been two Keepers of the Amulet: a girl and a boy. Destined for companionship, the two keepers must find one another and, together, return the amulet to the Inbetween, lest creatures wander beyond the borders into realms that are not their own… - inkpop