So recently this past month, 'Me, My Shelf, and I', did a blog post about comparing books to other books. And you know what: I LOVE that entire post. It was so beyond awesome that it inspired me to talk about this topic too.

The post was about how TOO many book reviewers, whether on GoodReads or their Blog (maybe even other websites!), have gone above and beyond to comparing every single Young Adult book they read to.... wait for it... TWILIGHT!

For myself, I'm very tired of this comparison that sooooooooo many make. It's like saying, 'Hey the wheel is awesome! And you know what? birds are not. They remind me of the wheel because they move!', I know really out of left field, but you get my point. It's like everyone needs to back off a little on the 'Twilight' hype and realize that it's okay to compare books, but doing it over and over again to the same one is getting a little old.
One good example, I won't name names because that is beneath my character as a respectful human being, but I saw two book reviews for 'Carrier of the Mark', being compared to 'Twilight'. If anyone knows, that book has 1) no Vampires (especially ones that sparkle!), 2) it's based out in Ireland (no where near the states), and 3) the paranormal theme is way more intricate than that of 'Twilight'.

Another book that gets repeatedly cracked on and ripped apart as a comparison to 'Twilight' is 'Hush, Hush'. The books in my eyes is no where near the same, let alone the same universe lol First off 'Hush, Hush' is about fallen angels, no vampires in the series (let alone sparkle). Another reason people feel the need to compare is because they are both paranormal romance books. Until I see word for word exact and even located in Washington State, then the books are not the same. Just because both books have characters that fall in love with bad boys of the paranormal world, doesn't mean it's coming from the same molded idea.

I'll admit, I like the 'Twilight' series since January 2007 (the books, not the movies haha). And it's a good one, not the 'OMG it's so awesome!', but it's good. So because of that I don't feel the need to run around stating that the next book I read of paranormal Young Adult is like 'Twilight', mostly due to the fact that I always read with an open mind and give every book a fair chance when reviewing it too. I never try to find comparisons nor do I stack it up unless it's the exact same theme from another book (i.e. - same mythological creatures, etc...).

If you've got hate for 'Twilight', I don't have issues with that, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I just think it's in poor taste to just stack it up against other books and holding the series on the what version of a pedestal (good or bad) that the book series is in general. It gives Young Adult books a bad name, but it's not the first YA books to ever have been made, let alone with love triangles.

How would people like it if I compared Harry Potter books to every book about magic in it? Not cool, right? Same thing with 'Twilight'. Young Adult is such a wide spread of genres in it and sometimes a few books have similar running themes.

Now the only time I feel people should totally compare books is if that book is being turned into a movie or television show. That in itself is good. This shows that the reader cares about their book and about what the director and script writes bring to the table when making the characters come alive on the screen. And I'll admit it, I've compared 'Eclipse' to it's movie counter part and felt that the connection in the books were stronger than that of the movie (it's the eyes in those actors that don't portray the emotions!).

And I'll probably do it again when 'Unearthly', 'The Tiger's Curse', and 'The Mortal Instruments', is finally being produced (I know I am currently with 'The Hunger Games' lol).

My point is, I just wish those die hard fans or not so favored fans of the 'Twilight' series, take a set or two back and remember that not all books are the same, no two are created from the same author, let alone going to live up to everyone's standards if they do just that, comparing.

*sigh* There is only so much I can say I guess as a book blogger in a world so big, but I hope on some level this changes for 2012. It's a new year, can't we all just give peace a chance? Or at least be open-minded enough to give all books a chance to not be compared too much?