Yes that's right, it's not a ploy, trick, scheme, etc... it's true! Barnes & Nobles is doing a promotional deal from January 9th till March 9th.

If you buy a $19.99/month subscription for one-year to the NY Times, you can either get a NOOK Simple Touch for FREE! or get a NOOK Color for only $99!

The catch? If you cancel during the one-year subscription, for the NOOK Simple Touch you'll be charged $99. If you do the same and you buy the NOOK Color, you'll be charged $99 as well.

However, if you keep the subscription the entire time, you won't be charged the regular price for the NOOK of either model.

So if you are willing to try this deal, even at the price of the NY Times subscription, then click on the picture above of the NOOK's and it'll redirect you to the B&N page for the offer!