So after reading a posting from Radiant Shadows blog on a post by the blog by The Perpetual Page Turner who saw it on the blog of Jess Lively, I decided to jump on the wagon as well. The main reason being, it's different. You have to be willing to be kind of vulnerable and real some truths.

So I'm going to confess 11 truths about me and what really goes on behind my computer screen in the real world....

My Eleven Confessions

1. I tend to not really read reviews on books I haven't read yet. I don't like finding out beforehand because then I tend to not read the book. Same thing with seeing a movie before reading a book. So its hard for me to read all book reviews.

2. I speed read most reviews. Especially if they are long-winded and don't really explain what the reader thought of the book in the first two paragraphs. If it stretches down past the side bars I tend to skip the review.

3. Pretty blogs. I'm like a moth to a flame when I see a creatively elegant blog. Also can't stand the ones that are very disorganized, no matter how pretty it is, it's a HUGE turn off. Mostly cause it confuses the heck out of me when I try to navigate around it. Keep it simple and original folks.

4. Reading every single "it" book. I haven't and I probably won't because I've got so many books to begin with that I own. Some I will due to having the sequels and not the first in the series. One to name would be Divergent. Haven't read but I will cause I have Insurgent. I just don't have the money to buy the book yet.

5. Writing Reviews. I'm good at that, but sometimes I just want to bang my head against a wall. Even with the ones that I loved, sometimes I can't even think of one sentence to wrap it up in a pretty bow to tell the world. After taking my 101 and 102 English classes last year, it taught me a few things about writing, but still after all that I tend to get bogged down by how to simple describe certain moments. The thesaurus is my best friend lol

6. I get bummed when some people get to read a book I've been dying to get my hands on for more than 6 months. For instance Everbound. I've been wanting to read that since I finished Everneath back in January. Now I'm seeing it around the book blogging world and I'm a smudge bit jealous to be honest. I typically don't get green eyed over stuff. But this kind of got me a little. Then again it's also hard to get a copy of something that is in hot demand by the reviewers. So I try to stay positive and look on the bright side of things instead.

7. I have a pet peeve about not staying on top of release dates. I hate when I miss them and more so put pressure on myself to get it done. This just drives me crazy cause I see so many people able to do just that and think, "I'm a capable human being going to college, why can't I just roll it out?"... I just have to keep telling myself not everyone is super human.

8. I have A.D.D. people. Oh that pesky thing that causes my mind to go a little off course every now and then. I was diagnosed as a child and now at the age of 25, I've found my niche on how to handle it and stick to as close of a routine as possible. But the down side? I need books to keep my attention from beginning to end. If they don't I tend to take forever reading them. The more variety and fresh a story is, the more I'm drawn in. Also when I'm not on my medication, I tend to not really read as much because I have to re-read all the time. My mind wonders during reading and then I just give up and go do something else. Hence why I feel the pressure to put out reviews sometimes.

9. Twitter. I've been using twitter since 2008, have another handle that I use to use, so twitter isn't foreign in to me. I just don't really use it as much as I should. I know it's a great way to build a good following, but I find it time consuming and a big distraction in general. I just have it for blogging due to contests and that all the other book bloggers have one.

10. Just like Jamie, I do not read everyday. I've got a life outside of blogging and not just school. On top of that my computer crashed back on May 15th, so I'm catching up on my HULU and Netflix queued stuff. I wish I could read everyday, but I also don't always have the urge to do that.

11. I don't do giveaways. Mostly cause I can't afford it. I would love to save up oodles of money and give something away but I also see it as a way for people to get numerous followers who may never read the blog. And I don't want that. I want people who truly enjoy what I've written.

There is so much more that is on the list, but I don't want to bother posting an hour long reading bit to everyone that comes here. Hopefully i won't piss anyone off or cause drama over here.

And with that, if you have any confessions you would like to make about your own blogging experiences and more, post them below! I would love to read about 'em!