Beyond books will be a random posting on my blog about anything beyond reviewing a book. I'll post a question and answer it. And this week its about reading a book more than once.
*Photo by Celeste
I rarely do this. Why? Because once I've read a book, especially if it is one that I love, I tend to remember 80-85% of what had happened. When I was a kid, it was a different story. There wasn't many books out there to choose from, so I just read the books over an over again.

But as I've gotten older, I do not do this with books, unless its for school. The only way I've come to the potential of doing this is with Harry Potter. Reasons being I haven't read The Sorcerers Stone in about 11-12 years. I vaguely remember the story, plus I haven't read the last two in the series.

I think its cool though for others that do re-read a book. More power to you. It's just for myself, my memory is pretty outstanding for reading something for enjoyment.

Then there is the flip side to all this. Waiting. If the book is in a series and I've read the first or the second, I can't wait and re-read. I've got to go dive into another world or get distracted with something else. So it kind of sets me up like a kid on christmas, waiting for that special book to come in the mail.

But then there is the other good part about all this: I can save my money. That's right... I get to be a little frugal, which helps with this economy at the moment.

So in the end, not re-reading a book has its benefits, but also it's cons. Maybe when I'm much older, I'll have to re-read some books haha, till then my memory is awesome :)

So what about you readers, do you re-read the books you love? Or do you have the same perdicament as myself? Let me know what you do by commenting below!