A weekly meme by Ginger of GReads! In the meme I'll talk about music and showcase it here each week. And this week, I'm going to talk about... "Treme Song" by John Boutté.

This song is such an amazing song! It gets you feeling good and the flavor of NOLA comes alive in it too. I first heard it when I watched the pilot episode of Treme on HBO last year. John Boutté is an amazing trumpet player too!

What is so great about this video, is that it is the opening credits to the show. It lets the viewers see real footage of the last 50-60 years of the city itself and how it looked in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Some of the pictures and video footage is so sad because of how badly it was hit in August 2005.

Anyway, one reason I posted this song is because I just LOVE New Orleans culture! Everything about it is wonderful! Some of the oldest traditions that still live on in this country, especially in the music community, originated in this city. If I could, I would move there in a heart beat! haha And don't even get me started on how awesome the food is!

And my last reason is because I'm writing a book that has the main location of New Orleans as scenery for my characters.