The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer from Crazy for Books. And this is my first time doing this because of the question being asked. I figured this was a good way to get connected and see who is going this year!

Q: Are you attending the Book Blogger Convention (aka Bea Bloggers) and/or Book Expo America in New York City in June? If not, will you participate in the online event called Armchair BEA?
I'm in fact going to BEA, just not the BB Convention (too expensive, broke college student). This will be my first year attending and so happy to go! When all that drama hit earlier this month, I thought my head was going to explode from the PR guy of BEA and that lousy mass email. But all was resolved, so I'm forgiving them once for this.

Anyway... I'll be thrilled to attend for many reasons, one meeting face to face with other like-minded YA bloggers. I've got friends and family, but none that blog about it, so it will be awesome to meet some of you! Another reason: I <3 NYC! I've been going there since I was about eight years old. I'm now 25. So it'll be like visiting an old friend that I've shared many adventures with. I also know most of the city like the back of my hand, so I don't get lost easily. Another great reason: BOOKS! I've been a book'aholic since I was two. I still have all 50 Bernstein Bears books (i.e. - saving for my future kids lol). I've always loved to read, so I hope I don't go all gapping mouth dropping shocked by the overwhelming display of love for books. I've sort of done it the first time I went to the palisades to the B&N store haha same reaction to that scene from "Buffy" and the Sunnydale College library back in 1999.

So.... as you can tell I'm uber amped for this event in June. Now I turn the tables on you reader... Are you attending BEA in June? If not will you be joining in the online event called Armchair BEA? Leave your thoughts below! Happy Reading!